Master Wirtschaft International Vollzeit in Deutschland 🎓 - 5 Studiengänge

Wirtschaft International

Kurzinformationen zu den Studiengängen

Hochschule Fresenius Industrial Engineering and International Management

Der Masterstudiengang Industrial Engineering and International Management behandelt unterschiedliche Aspekte der Industrie 4.0 und qualifiziert Studierende dazu, Herausforderungen in diesem Kontext kompetent zu meistern.

Der Studiengang eignet sich für Personen, die bereits ein Bachelor-Studium im Bereich Ingenieurwesen, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen oder einer inhaltlich verwandten Fachrichtung im MINT-Bereich absolviert haben und sich nun für die Ausübung einer höheren beruflichen Position interessieren. Absolvierende sind u.a. dazu in der Lage, Aufgaben auf Führungsebene zu übernehmen und in nationalen oder internationalen Unternehmen mit internationalen und interdisziplinären Teams tätig zu werden.

Die Inhalte des Studiengangs stammen aus den Bereichen Industrial Engineering Tools and Processes, Engineering and Sustainability, International Management sowie Financial Management. Als Schwerpunkte können Studierende die Bereiche Digital Industry and Smart Production oder Data Science and Machine Learning wählen.

Hochschule Heilbronn International Business & Intercultural Management

The Master programme in International Business & Intercultural Management provides students with know-how and soft skills about the global business environment. In doing so, the Master focuses on international management of organisations and companies. Moreover, the programme puts an emphasis on aspects of sustainability regarding leadership and economics.

Intended for students holding a Bachelor’s degree in a business-related subject, the Master prepares students for a career in international companies. Graduates are able to respond to challenges and responsibilities in a diverse business environment.

The curriculum is based on an introductory phase with modules such as Research Methods, Business Environment and International Studies. Furthermore, the Master deepens knowledge in Business Managing with a regional focus on Asia, Pacific, Arab or Europe.

Hochschule Fresenius International Business Management

The Strategic International Management master's program is an practice-oriented program, teaching students comprehensive knowledge of strategic management, as well as an extensive understanding of international corporate structures and transformation processes. The goal of the program is to make students aware of the significant shifts in the economy resulting from digitalization, globalization, and climate change.

This program is an excellent choice for individuals that aspire to become a respected authority in this field and seek answers to the pressing questions of today. With the skills students will gain through this programm they will have the knowledge and skills to start a successful career in international management.

The curriculum addresses subjects such as International & Global Management, Corporate Strategy, Leadership & Management, Applied Strategic International Management as well as Innovation Management & Design Thinking.

Hochschule Fresenius International Management

The Master’s program in International Management (M.A.) offers a broad portfolio of economic and management skills as well as important intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge. The programme teaches in-depth knowledge of the industry with intercultural leadership skills, an understanding of organizational processes, and the ability to think economically, dynamically and based on solutions.

This English-language program is right for everyone with a Bachelor’s degree in a non-business field who wishes to gain additional economic expertise or switch to a management career. Graduates have the wide-ranging expertise and business skills required to assume a management role with a global company.

The curriculum addresses subjects such as Management essentials in a global context, Interdisciplinary project management, Economic thinking, Finance for non-finance managers as well as various electives to pursue personal interests.

Saarland University, Europa-Institut, Sektion Wirtschaftswissenschaft MBA "European Management" - Managing with(in) Europe

The Master of Business Administration European Management – Managing with(in) Europe covers the topic European integration and its political, legal, economic and cultural elements. Furthermore, the Master provides students with knowledge to manage companies within Europe.

The degree course is designed for students holding a Bachelor’s degree and with at least one year of relevant work experience. After graduation, students are qualified to work in management and leadership positions on a European and global level.

The study programme consists of subjects such as International Management, European Law, Economics and Politics, International Accounting, Marketing and Management, Operations Management, Consumer Behaviour as well as Retailing and Human Capital Management.