Master Fahrzeugtechnik, Verkehrstechnik Vollzeit in Deutschland 🎓 - 1 Studiengang

Fahrzeugtechnik, Verkehrstechnik

Kurzinformationen zu den Studiengängen

TU Kaiserslautern Commercial Vehicle Technology/ Nutzfahrzeugtechnologie

The program offers an advanced education for the research of commercial vehicle technology. Students are provided with expert knowledge and practical skills from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

The program is designed for students with a degree in engineering who want to specialize and pursue a career in the field of commercial vehicle technology. Graduates are qualified for high-profile positions in this industry.

The curriculum consists of: e.g. mechanical engineering modules, electrical engineering modules, computer science modules, project work, internships, social science modules and cooperative research work. To conclude the program a master thesis has to be written.