Berufsbegleitendes Master Studium Wirtschaft International in Saarland - 1 Studiengang

Auf finden Sie einen berufsbegleitenden Master-Studiengang aus der Fachrichtung Wirtschaft International, der im Bundesland Saarland absolviert werden kann. Das Masterprogramm dauert zwei Semester und schließt ab mit: MBA. Angeboten wird es von: Saarland University, Europa-Institut, Sektion Wirtschaftswissenschaft.

Wirtschaft International

Kurzinformationen zu den Studiengängen

Saarland University, Europa-Institut, Sektion Wirtschaftswissenschaft MBA "European Management" - Managing with(in) Europe

The Master of Business Administration European Management – Managing with(in) Europe covers the topic European integration and its political, legal, economic and cultural elements. Furthermore, the Master provides students with knowledge to manage companies within Europe.

The degree course is designed for students holding a Bachelor’s degree and with at least one year of relevant work experience. After graduation, students are qualified to work in management and leadership positions on a European and global level.

The study programme consists of subjects such as International Management, European Law, Economics and Politics, International Accounting, Marketing and Management, Operations Management, Consumer Behaviour as well as Retailing and Human Capital Management.

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